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Here’s to Alcohol, the Rose Coloured Glasses of Life – F.Scott Fitzgerald.

In all of Human Evolution, there is one philosophy that has defined centuries of society, Flavour.

And in all aspects of Flavour, the combinations of taste, aroma, colour and texture of cocktails has developed through many societal changes, tantalising the senses with an array of spirits, mixers, garnishes and other accoutrement combining to create an artform, that has drawn me into a fanatacism for drinks, and the endless creativity they embody.

I have attempted to express this ethos into my imagery, exemplifying the visual colours and textures of cocktails attempting to enliven other senses, taste, aroma, touch and sound.

Coming from a background in Landscape, Nature, Astro, and Street photography (with the occasional bit of Travel photography mixed in), my photography exploits have previously not focused on a wider view of the professional photography industry.

I have already been operating as a Landscape photographer and Tour Guide, running tours and workshops, including some very successful and in demand Astrophotography workshops, as well as selling the occasional print , and occasionally receiving  high commendation for my work in international competitions. I have been able to build some great relationships with photography brands, and develop a lengthy network of other professionals. But, in part the fault of the 2019/2020 bushfires and then 2 years of various restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have so far been unable to make good on my goals to make my living as a full time professional photographer.

With lots of self reflection and  critique, I realised my remiss of not delving into commercial photography and developing my skills beyond landscape.

This was the driving reason to join the Cert IV and Diploma, taking the opportunity as we began to recoevr from the COVID-19 pandemic, of resetting my focus and exposing myself to as many other forms of professional photography, and perhaps discovering a new delight behind a camera.

Throughout studying Certificate and Diploma at TAFE, my goal was to develop my skills in the studio, learn more about lighting, and develop a commercial photography mindset and workflow. I have spent as much time as possible exposing myself to lots of different genres of photography and exploring new avenues, including, products, food and drink and the occasional portrait or event.

My portfolio development is driving me more in the direction of product photography. Again, helped in part by the recent lockdown of Greater Sydney, I have been able to focus time on developing a small product photography studio at home, and, given the only forms of retail having been left open being grocery and bottle shops, I have rekindled a joy of drinks, cocktails and food, while shifting my mindset on how to setup, light and photograph drinks scenes.

All images displayed are copyright ©JAYDID PHOTO and Jay Evans, and are not to be reproduced without prior written permission.


This short portfolio is an overview of my recent work in Drinks photography.


Seeking out new ideas, and studying some contemporaries. These Photographers have been inspirations in my own development.

Greg Powers

I have always considered Greg Powers to be a great inspiration in his “luxe” photography incorporating lifestyle food and drink photography along with some incredible interior imagery of restaurants and hotels around the world. His use of people along with the products always gives over an inspiring magazine style.


Greg Powers Portfolio Page
Source: https://gregpowers.us/

Daria Khoroshavina

Daria Khoroshavina is a cinemagraph artist based in Moscow. Daria’s imagery alone is incredible to view, but the fact it has motion involved in the form of cinemagraph makes it some exciting and dynamic artworks with brilliant composition and sets, and some perfect lighting.


Daria Khoroshavina Portfolio Page
Source: https://kitchenghosts.carbonmade.com/

Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan Knowles is one of the UK’s best known Product Photographers. With a career in campaign photography, he has worked with many of the UKs top brands to create some exciting product imagery with well considered sets and lighting, really exemplifying campaign photography at its best.


Jonathan Knowles Portfolio
Source: https://jknowles.com/

Nori Imoguchi

Nori Imoguchi is a product photographer hailing from Japan and educated in New York. His product imagery has some incredible thought and attention with stunning sets, lighting and editing making for some attractive and exciting imagery. It is no wonder he has become one of the worlds best known product photographers working with many top end brands.


Nori Inoguchi Portfolio
Source: http://www.norimichi.com/

Mischelle Moy

Mischelle Moy is a “content producer” and photographer based in New York. Her StudioMisch commercial works have seen her create some colourful and striking images. A combination of flat lighting and colour makes them appear almost cartoon like and gives over a very graphic style ideal for drawing attention to the products. With well considered layouts, that not only feature her own hands, but in many cases have introduced animation making her works sought after in modern social media internet based advertising.


Mischelle Moy Portfolio
Source: http://mischellemoy.com


An overview of portfolio images, their planning, setup, capture and editing

Gin drop over ice into a glass


The Gin Drop was inspired by some images and consequently video I had seen of other product photographers. In particular, Dustin Dolby and his excellent YouTube channel Workphlo outlines using speed lights to capture some incredible images.



Everyone loves a good Cosmopolitan. One of my favourite drinks to prepare, and using the right glassware, a Martini glass or Coupe, it can be fun to garnish. My inspiration for this image was the drink itself, its beautiful colour when lit, the colourful red hue of the cranberry diffused by vodka and lime juice.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Campaign
Violet Gin Cocktails
A frothy Violet Gin Cocktail garnished with flowers and blueberries.


Assessment Image: Illustrative Images

This image was captured as part of the Illustrative Images assessment, requiring imagery that was to be overlaid with a cover, double page spread or billboard. My faux campaign for the excellent 23rd Street Distillery Violet Gin led me to prepare some Violet Gin Cocktails.


Bubbles are no fun on their own (said noone ever!), but for the sake of some imagery, I prepared some champagne cocktails.

Don't tell Sam its Billicart
Orange Cocktail garnished with Rosemary & Blackberry
An Orange Cocktail of Australian Orange Bitters, Vodka and Soda stirred, poured over ice garnished with rosemary, orange and blackberry.


The combination of a Citron Vodka and Orange Bitters develops a wonderful taste combination, but also in its colours making it a delightful cocktail to capture with accompaniment of rosemary, orange and blackberry as a garnish.


One of my favourite images to plan and setup, there’s nothing quite like capturing the splash of a stuffed olive dropped into a Martini.

Olive Drop into a Vodka Martini
A stuffed olive dropped into a Vodka Martini served in a cocktail flute.
A Romantic Evening
Nothing says romance like the reds and golds of Champagne and strawberries.


Capturing a more romantic setup, this combination of food and drink is a classic, with champagne bubbles, Hibiscus flowers, strawberries and honey.


Assessment Image: Commercial Images

This image was captured as part of the Commercial Images assessment in the TAFE Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging.

Fevertree Tonic Campaign
A set of Fevertree Tonic Waters with a Gin & Tonic
Caipirinha cocktail garnished with lots of lime


A Brasilian favorite. The combination of tart limes, raw cane sugar and Cachaca, a distilled sugar cane spirit make for a beautiful refreshing cocktail and a lovely Green scene to capture.


Double IPA’s (IIPA) are becoming a regular addition to the Australian Craft Beer circuit, but rather than focusing on the drink, I have looked at the can designs many breweries are introducing. Mountain Culture based in the Blue Mountains have ben using some exceptional designs since they began brewing years ago, and using these with some studio lighting and glycerine droplet spray makes for a fantastic subject to capture.

Mountain Culture Be Kind Rewind DDH IPA 2020 Design
The explosion of brew craft in Australia is combined with amazing graphic design.


A reflection on this portfolio and my adventures into products and drinks photography.


When I first embarked on the Certificate IV, my own photography was landscape focused. I had not had a huge amount of exposure to studio photography or lighting. And I really didn’t expect too much from my studies except perhaps some validation or substantiation of my own professional exploits. It came around the time of joining the diploma class that things began to take shape, but the enforced lockdown of Delta put significant strain on gaining access to studio, so I found myself setting up at home where my creativity suddenly switched into gear.

My foray into photographing the drinks and scenes that came over the next few months was exciting. I found myself constantly planning a new scene, or which cocktail I would create next to photograph. It wasn’t even about the brads at this point it was about exploring the beauty and elegance of the colours, textures and garnishes. How the glassware could be captured, along with developing scenes demonstrating ingredients or equipment.

I am hopeful that, as we emerge from the pandemic and all its associated woes, I am now armed with the scope and breadth of knowledge to explore my joy of capturing drinks and food and for want of a better word, macro scenes. I have the capacity to create, using the skills in lighting, direction and planning to capture some beautiful works.