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The SS Ayrfield, formally called the Corrimal was a 1100 tonne steam collier vessel that was used to ship coal from Newcastle into Sydney, and was then re purposed as a transport ship during World War II. Ending its life at the ship breaking yards that used to adorn the Homebush bayside, its final resting place amongst the mangroves has seen it turned into a giant floating plant pot, a forest of mangrove trees jutting from its interior, juxtaposed against the rusting hulk.  It has become a photographers favourite, and this shot even captured some sneaky seagulls who sat fro long enough on the edge of the hull while I captured this long exposure.



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The wreck of the SS Ayrfield has become an icon of Sydney becoming a perfect urban plant pot for the mangrove trees that habitate the riverfront around Bicentennial and Olympic Parks.  Catching the sunrise as it lights up this rusting hulk makes for an incredible image.