Bombo Astrophotography Workshop 17th March 2021


Reserve your place for this exciting Bombo Astrophotography Workshop at the renowned Bombo Headland Quarry near Kiama.

  • Price: $350 per person
  • Group size: 5 person Maximum
  • Timing: 6PM Wednesday 17th March 2021
  • Meeting Point: Bombo Beach Car Park, Bombo

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Come and join Jay for an exciting Bombo Astrophotography workshop at the famed Bombo Headland Quarry, one of Australia’s most exceptional and popularAstro locations.

Our workshop will provide you will all the coaching and tuition you will need to capture the night sky, and, weather permitting, our evening session in Bombo Headland Quarry will leave you with some stunning images to take home. Next day, we will host an online Post Processing tutorial via Zoom with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and follow along our easy post processing workflow.  If you miss the Zoom session, you will still get access to our online post processing video content.

What we will do

  • Learn how to Plan your Astrophotography and Nightscapes
  • Learn how to setup your Camera for Astro and Nightscapes
  • Learn about the night sky and how to locate the Milky Way
  • Capture Bombo Quarry at night with a rising/setting Milky Way & star trails
  • Learn the settings to use to capture the Milky Way or Star Trails
  • Learn how to process your Astro images

What's included

  • On location photography coaching & tuition
  • Small group maximum 5 people
  • Post processing tuition via Zoom
Photographing the night sky at Bombo Headland Quarry

Bombo is one of Australia’s most renowned and popular Astrophotography locations. Our Bombo Astrophotography Workshop takes you inside the old quarry surrounded by columns of granite left behind to form a sea wall along the coast. At night, the inside of the quarry is like being on another planet with a dark rocky landscape constantly battered by the ocean as swells push water over the sea wall and up the deep channels. With Its position on the east coast and far enough south of the light pollution “bubble” of Wollongong and Sydney means an easterly facing view across the ocean, providing intensely clear skies to get clear visibility of the Milky Way as it rises and sets juxtaposed against a foreground of the epic granite monuments and channels of the sea wall.

On location photography coaching & tuition

After sunset, we will remain inside the quarry setting up some camp chairs to sit on and we will go through some Astro planning tips, the equipment you need and how to set it up for nightscaping. You will be tutored on the night sky, how to locate the Milky Way, how to find the Southern celestial pole, and how to setup your camera to capture the Galactic Core or Star Trail images and the settings to use for the different types of nightscape and astro images. We will also go through plenty of tips and guides for your nightscaping including headlamp etiquette, low-level lighting, managing lens fog, using filters, composition, capturing panoramas and timelapse.

Online post processing tutorials live via Zoom

Once we have finished capturing the night sky, and after a good night sleep, we will reconvene via a Zoom conference to go through Post Processing of your images, teach you our quick and easy nightscape workflows, and answer any questions you have.

If you are unable to access the Zoom conference live, it will be made available to you via a streaming service so you can watch through at your leisure at a later time.

Recommended Camera Equipment

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and manual controls
  • Wide angle lenses (anything from 10mm-24mm)
  • Sturdy Tripod, Head & appropriate plates/mountings for your camera
  • Shutter remote (cable or wireless)
  • Fully charged batteries
  • Empty memory cards
  • A small towel to cover your camera

Clothing and Accessories

  • ESSENTIAL – A working Headlamp
  • Warm layered clothing suitable for Autumn
  • Winter top jacket (ie down jacket)
  • Warm headwear such as a beanie
  • Sturdy Hiking Boots or Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Insect Repellent

Accessing Post Processing Zoom Conference

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with Webcam and Microphone
  • Internet Access
  • Zoom client installed (see for details of system requirements & installation)
  • If you are unable to access the Live Zoom conference, we will send you a link to the recorded video at a later time.


  • Transport to/from Bombo Beach Car Park
  • Accommodation
  • Meals & Snacks

Tour Details

  • Group Size: Maximum 5 persons
  • Fitness Requirements: This workshop is accessible to most fitness levels. Access to Bombo Headland Quarry is a short paved walk from the car park and a few small stairs to enter the quarry floor. The quarry floor is littered with uneven rocks so good footwear is essential.
  • Bad Weather Policy: This workshop is weather dependant. Please see our Bad Weather Policy for details (see below)*
  • Cancellation & Conditions: This tour is subject to our standard Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions
  • COVID-19 Precautions: We ask all attendees to consider our COVID-19 precautions and requirements (see below)^

Example Itinerary

Day 1 - Astro Shoot

  • 6PM – Meet at Bombo Beach Car Park & Registration
  • 6:15PM – Depart for Bombo Quarry
  • 6:30PM – Sunset
  • 7:30PM – Tutorial Astro Planning Tips and Equipment
  • 10PM – Astro Shoot (Star Trails and Milky Way)
  • 2AM – Depart for Car Park
  • 2:30AM – Close

Day 2 - Post Processing & Tutorials

  • 10AM – Post Processing via Zoom Conference
  • 12PM – Ask any questions
  • 1PM – Workshop Closeout

Workshop Location

Other Information

Parking at Bombo Beach Car Park

Our meeting point at Bombo Beach Car Park is Free.  We recommend that you park in the parking spaces outside the car park gates as the car park and toilets are sometimes closed by the council at night time.

*Bad Weather Policy for Astrophotography Workshops

Try as we might, we just can’t control the weather (and we have tried to build an app to do it for us!). Our workshop dates are planned around the best times in the moon cycle to capture the night skies. In order to build a calendar for each year, we have to specify dates at a time where there is no visible or accurate forecast for weather conditions on those dates.

As a consequence, by booking you place on this workshop, you will be agreeing to our Bad Weather Policy for Astrophotography Workshops as outlined below:

  • This workshop is weather dependant, and we cannot guarantee you will capture images of the night sky when you attend.
  • In the event of cloudy skies, we will still continue with the workshop itinerary and no cancellations will be considered.
  • Where cloud prevents us from capturing the night sky we will go through some light painting activities until skies clear or the workshop concludes.
  • Where rain or storms occur during the workshop, we will suspend outdoor activities and seek shelter until rain or storms pass or the workshop concludes.
  • In these cases, we will attempt to invite you to a subsequent astro event based on availability. These events generally occur on a monthly basis in Astro season and are classed as meet ups rather than workshops. Places on these events are limited, on a first come first served basis. If you are unable to attend the first available event, we may not be able to invite you to subsequent events. This policy is a best endeavour approach on our part to try to ensure you get to photograph some clear night skies as part of your workshop, however, you must agree you are not liable for a refund if we cannot.
  • In the event of extreme weather conditions where very heavy rainfall, electrical storms or very high winds are forecast, we may opt to cancel or postpone the workshop. Cancellation by us will see your workshop fees refunded. Postponements will occur on a date mutually agreeable to all members of the group.
  • This policy does not supersede or override our standard Tour or Workshop Terms and Conditions and Cancellation policies.
^COVID-19 Precautions and Requirements

We ask anyone who books on our tours to ensure they meet the basic COVID-19 Public Health advice and orders before attending.

Please inform us before arriving if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • If you are feeling unwell or exhibiting any symptoms of cold, flu, sore throat, dry cough.
  • If you have been in contact with any known cases of COVID-19.
  • If you have recently arrived into Australia from overseas and have not yet completed 14 days mandatory quarantine.
  • If you have visited a known hotspot as defined by NSW Health Guidelines.

While outdoors as a group, we will follow any current Public Health Orders in place dictating social distancing measures we must take, which may mean we are unable to visit some locations due to overcrowding.


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