JAYDID PHOTO is a COVID Safe Business
JAYDID PHOTO is a COVID Safe Business

JAYDIDPHOTO is a COVID Safe Business

To ensure the safety of our clients while working with us, either on a tour or workshop, in studio, or during tutorials, we have put in place procedures to ensure your COVID Safety while we work together.  These procedures include:

  • Placing caps on workshop, tour or event participants to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
  • Requesting all participants declare themselves at low risk of COVID exposure in a signed document.
  • Using QR Code checkin prior to commencing a tour, and encouraging the use of QR Code checkins at other premises we attend (ie cafes or restaurants).
  • Mandating use of Face Masks inside vehicles or indoor premises or outdoors where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Carrying a stock of masks inside vehicles and premises.
  • Encouraging the use of Hand Sanitiser before entry to tour vehicles or premises.
  • Regular cleansing and sanitising of tour vehicles and premises specifically high touch points such as seat belts, window buttons, door handles, bathrooms and kitchen facilities.
  • Driving with windows open to promote airflow and not utilising recirculated air or air conditioning.

Our COVID Safe plan has been approved by the NSW Government, and JAYDID PHOTO is registered as a COVID Safe business.